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The solution to your company’s  brain-drain problem will begin with  a little face-to-face time.    Me, blazer and necklace, sunlight

We will discuss your knowledge loss, or skills loss, or both, as well as the urgency of timing that you face. We will review models that have proven successful, and those that have failed, and, ideally, we’ll walk through your organization. Often this step raises questions and leads to great collaborations. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

No two organizations are alike. So, although we will consider the theoretical and in-use models developed for other companies, the program we will offer will be customized to meet your organization’s needs and tailored to suit your availability.

Why Choose Us?

Evelyn Donahoe is a communicator. She is an author, researcher, and community leader, with decades of management, marketing, and public relations experience; as an entrepreneur, in small and large businesses, and in non-profits. Evelyn is relatable. She pays attention to people, and most individuals naturally open up to her guidance. Her consulting career began in 2002 by invitation, when, because of her vast experience, a restaurant and nightclub owner asked her to develop a retail store from concept to brick and mortar. Evelyn’s most recent consulting project was to create a dynamic fund raising strategy for the Friends of Corpus Christi Public Library.

New Information, Old-School Insight

Evelyn’s research project into brain-drain, skills loss, and the aging workforce originated at St. Edward’s University where she was finalizing her degree in the summer of 2016. Much of the data in her research comes from scholarly journals published as recently as February of this year. Evelyn is uniquely positioned to combine that data with her extensive experience and is preparing to publish the research later this year.

From Start to Finish

Once your knowledge capture needs are known, she will gather a team to complete the process. Whether your needs are simple and can be quickly handled, or complicated and lengthy, Evelyn will give your company her full attention and presence, every step of the way.

“Business is personal. At the heart of all decisions made in the business world lie the humans who are stakeholders in the outcome of those decisions.”  – Evelyn Donahoe

Contact us to schedule a meeting, a power point presentation, or a workshop.

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