About the Author

Evelyn Sue Donahoe is a writer, a researcher, a business consultant a, former business owner, co-founder and director of the South Texas Music Walk of Fame, and, a recent college graduate.

THE BRAIN-DRAIN SOLUTION began as a result of her final capstone research project, prior to graduation from St. Edward’s University. this research, finalized on August 13th, 2016 includes very current data, from government think-tanks and scholarly research reports…and much more.

Evelyn went beyond the requirements for this research.

She stepped out of the library and took her questions to individuals who are leaving their companies, to knowledge workers who are planning to retire, to companies that design software for recruiters, to recruiters themselves, and to the mother of all human resources groups, The Society for Human Resource Managers, (SHRM).

Evelyn joined the Austin Human Resource Managers Association, (AHRMA), and attended a day-long conference at which she connected to HR professionals who are facing these issues every day.

As a resMe, blazer and necklace, sunlightult, Evelyn has gained insight into a broad range of possible solutions.

Now that I know of many knowledge transfer programs that have been successful, and that have not been successful…I’m ready to help other organizations.”


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